Letter: Mashantucket Tribe values casino workers

"The front-page story titled “Unions on casinos' doorstep,” published Sept. 3, contained a serious misstatement of fact that needs to be addressed. The story quoted a union leader as saying Foxwoods employees fell into a category known as “at will,” meaning they could be fired at any time for any reason — without cause.

That is not the case for tribal employees, including those who work at Foxwoods. The tribe has an extensive body of law that regulates employment on the reservation and protects employees. Our employees only can be dismissed for “good cause,” which is the exact opposite of what could happen to an “at will” employee.

Foxwoods employees can also appeal disciplinary actions to a board of their coworkers, composed of randomly selected employees, and can further pursue their case to tribal court. Tribal laws like this one are an expression of the value and respect the tribe places in our employees."

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Pedro Johnson: Mashantuckets Value And Respect Workers (The New London Day 9/10)