Editorial: Wisconsin gaming figures don't add up

"Fueled mainly by slot machines, Wisconsin's Indian casinos are doing a land office business, $1.3 billion last year alone. Now, state regulators need to do everything possible to ensure they're keeping up with that mighty, fast-flowing river of money.

Unfortunately, a new state audit raises doubts. State auditors found discrepancies every single day of 2006 in casino revenue figures between the state's computer monitoring system and the tallies done by the casinos. And the state Division of Gaming failed to notice the discrepancies.

Wisconsin ranks near the top among states in revenue it gets from casinos, and the auditors did not indicate that the state was being shortchanged, despite the discrepancies.

But the discrepancies and other problems uncovered by the Legislative Audit Bureau underscore the necessity and wisdom of [state Rep. Sue Jeskewitz] Jeskewitz's determination to hold a hearing on the audit results in the next six weeks.

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