Column: Vote on California compacts wrong

"It was predictable months ago that the Democratic Party in California would find itself stuck in between two of its major constituencies.

And it has.

So what's the so-called working man's party to do when faced with the choice of supporting referenda that would abolish agreements between some of its major financial supporters and the state so as to aid a union in its effort to organize workers at those same contributory enterprises?

As easy as it is to criticize the Pechanga leadership for its actions regarding some members of the tribe, it's even easier still to disapprove of the union's use of referenda to try to force a "sovereign" people to bend to its will.

It would be one thing if the union were trying to force state action quite apart from the tribes, but to force the tribes to accommodate its wishes is quite another.

As your favor is curried between now and the casting of your yeas and nays for the referenda, remember that sovereignty is like virginity: Either you are or you aren't.

At least that's the way it ought to be, but that issue is another can of worms.

And, there is the matter of that $9 billion that would ease our tax burden, $200 million of which already is lost."

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Phil Strickland: Use of referenda is wrong (The North County Times 11/20)