Opinion: 'Sioux' t-shirt wrong about Indian gaming

"Last week, the Herald reported on a T-shirt being sold by a company in Jamestown, N.D. (“Sioux logo T-shirt stirs controversy,."

The T-shirt, which read, “No Sioux Logo? No Sioux Casinos!,” was critical not only of the settlement reached in the lawsuit between UND and the NCAA, but also of Indian gaming in North Dakota. As the shirt's creator said, “[American Indians] put their name all over a casino, which I think is addictive and destructive.”

Although people certainly are entitled to their opinions on whether casino gambling is good or bad, we think the T-shirt - which no longer is being sold, the Jamestown company announced Wednesday - was a powerful symbol of some all-too-common misunderstandings about Indian gaming.

Without weighing in on the merits of the UND nickname and logo debate or lawsuit settlement, we wish to provide perspective rooted in our research on the law and policy of Indian gaming "

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Kathryn R.L. Rand and Steven Andrew Light: ‘No logo, no casinos' shirt sent wrong message (The Grand Forks Herald 12/10)