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Column: DNC goes after Sen. McCain on gambling

"The Brody File has learned that the Democratic National Committee is now going after John McCain and what they believe are his questionable ties to gambling lobbyists. The web ad begins Monday but later this week they will start putting the ad up on political, conservative and yes get this….religious websites.

You can start viewing the ad at 2:30am Monday morning. Click here to see the ad. Why 2:30am? Well, the DNC is poking fun at McCain because according to a New York Times story over the weekend, one of McCain’s gambling sessions ended around 2:30am. Clever.

The DNC has felt for a long time that McCain is being disingenuous when it comes to his connections to lobbyists. But now with the lobbyist angle AND the gambling angle, it sets up the DNC in a situation where they can play the ethics AND moral card. I mean c’mon. You think there’s a reason they plan to put this web up on religious websites?

The DNC knows that McCain’s so called penchant for gambling can hurt him among some social conservatives. It may not play well with other strongly religious voters as well. Indeed, the last thing McCain needs is another problem with the Evangelical base. In this case, the gambling issue could most likely trump the lobbyist issue. I mean it’s not like he’s playing the lottery or bingo or a quick 25 cents slot machine. This is high stakes gambling we’re talking about. Then you throw in the lobbyist angle and you have a dangerous credibility issue. Will voters buy it and will it stick? Does this bother you?"

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