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Seminole Tribe settles most casino lawsuits

The Seminole Tribe of Florida settles most of the lawsuits filed by patrons of its successful Hard Rock casinos, according to one attorney.

Jeffrey "Jack" Gordon has filed more than a dozen claims against the tribe and has settled all but two. He's now trying to use the tribe's disputed Class III gaming compact to argue that it provided a limited waiver of sovereign immunity.

"Once you waive it, it's waived," Gordon told The St. Petersburg Times. "We'll see how it plays out."

A waiver could help the family of Annie Talley. The 55-year-old woman died after suffering a heart attack at one of the tribe's casinos in May 2007 and her daughters say employees didn't do enough to save her.

The tribe does all the work to determine whether to settle a claim. But it won't release police reports, 911 tapes or other information to outsiders

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