Quechan Nation hasn't secured casino financing

The Quechan Nation hasn't secured financing to complete a $214 million casino, The Yuma Sun reports.

In Wednesday's edition of the Quechan News, the tribal paper, the tribal council said it hadn't found $25 million to finish the Quechan Casino Resort near Yuma, Arizona. The facility is nearly complete but the national economic downturn has put the project at risk.

Tribal members told the Sun that their attempts to figure out what is going on with the casino have been met with silence from President Mike Jackson. "He has been very secretive. When we first talked about getting this big, huge loan we asked, 'How are you going to pay that?' and what the collateral was. He didn't say. He just said not to worry about it," Vernon Smith, a former council member, said.

Before the financing issue surfaced, the tribe said the casino would open in spring 2009.

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