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Ned Norris: Say no to non-Indian 'racinos'

"In recent weeks, Arizona's commercial horse and dog tracks have begun an all-out misinformation campaign. This is their latest attempt to expand off-reservation gaming, and they are using the exact same tactics they unsuccessfully employed during their 2002 ballot initiative.

In 2002, more than 80 percent of Arizona voters said "no" to casino-style gaming at dog and horse tracks, despite millions spent on the campaign by out-of-state track owners.

Understanding the public's overwhelming opposition, the wealthy track owners have decided to try their hand at getting support from the Arizona Legislature. To try and accomplish this, the tracks and their consultants have focused their attacks on the Tohono O'odham Nation.

Once again, they've resorted to misinformation, innuendo and smear tactics to try to push their unpopular agenda. They claim the Tohono O'odham Nation's West Valley Resort project is an unexpected expansion of gaming. That claim is simply wrong. This project is completely within the framework of both the state gaming compacts and federal law as intended when enacted and as functioning today."

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