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Letter: Manzanita Band goes reservation shopping

"The Manzanita Band of Mission Indians is currently engaged in “reservation shopping” to develop a casino 50 miles from its historic reservation in rural San Diego County. Their preferred new urban location is in the City of Calexico here in Imperial County. This proposal would require local, state and federal approvals.

Local elected officials have debated the pros and cons of the proposed casino and Imperial County’s focus has been on cumulative impacts that include increased traffic and the need for additional social services. These impacts could create a strain on resources in our area and hinder the future development of non-tribal businesses that will most assuredly bring long-term, sustainable revenue and jobs.

The proposed site is located in a market-area now shared by four existing tribal casinos. This raises significant economic feasibility concerns over the future success and the forecasted revenue to the City of Calexico and the County of Imperial. Moreover, will the proposed development phases of the destination casino/resort ever come to fruition and deliver the promised economic growth?

We are no longer in the gambling boom years of 2006. Many of the established tribal casinos have laid off workers, down-sized or stopped expansion altogether.

State and Federal decision-makers must consider different criteria in permitting off-reservation gambling casinos."

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