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Opinion: Allow public vote on Graton Rancheria casino

"Petaluma voters approved Measure H, which I also authored, to oppose a proposed casino just south of Petaluma, by a vote of 79 percent “yes” to 21 percent “no.” That casino proposal quickly derailed. Bottom line: advisory votes matter.

Which brings us to the present. I have been trying for over two years to get an advisory vote on the proposed Rohnert Park casino. A previous Rohnert Park City Council effectively gave away their citizens’ right to an advisory vote there by agreeing to an MOU with the Graton tribe. So an advisory vote called by the Board of Supervisors is the only available option.

I do agree with Janice that people overwhelmingly oppose this casino. It would generate 18,000 vehicle trips per day, but the environmental impact statement proposes to spend not one dime upgrading Highway 101. And serious water supply issues are also unresolved.

Importantly, however, casino supporters refuse to concede that the public strongly opposes the casino. Rather, they conjure a Potemkin Village illusion of great public support for the casino when talking to state or federal officials, and then do everything possible to avoid an actual advisory vote. They shouldn’t be able to have it both ways."

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