Opinion: Tribal casinos not a good fit for communities

"American Indian casinos bring more than the negative economic effects and social problems of all gambling casinos. They rely upon people who, for the most part, cannot afford to lose their money and many who become addicted to slot machines which provide 85 percent of the casino revenue.

American Indian casinos can operate without complying with almost all state and local laws — laws that were enacted to protect the public from injury and damages and laws that protect the workers in these Indian casinos and businesses.

American Indian casinos and businesses refuse to pay needed taxes even though they place great demands upon public services and infrastructure provided regularly and paid for by non-Indian taxpayers. They cannot be sued for their misconduct no matter how outrageous it is because of an outdated court created “legal immunity doctrine” sometimes called the “sovereign immunity doctrine.”"

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Jim Marino: Casinos not good for people or government (The Wilsonvile Spokesman 3/10)