Chumash Tribe upset by mayor's opposition to liquor at casino

The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians of California is upset by a local mayor's opposition to the tribe's casino liquor license.

The tribe wants to expand the areas where liquor is served at the Chumash Casino Hotel and Resort. Solvang Mayor Jim Richardson spoke against the proposal but said he was doing so as a private citizen.

“If I wasn’t able to testify as a private citizen, then I can’t be an effective private citizen,” Richardson told The Santa Maria Times of his appearance before the board of supervisors in Santa Barbara County, which voted 3-2 to oppose the liquor license.

The tribe says Richardson shouldn't have appeared at the hearing. Two council members in Solvang agreed.

"Mayor Richardson has said that he entered a disclaimer. He was not speaking as the mayor. Unfortunately, the public does not perceive it" in that manner, council member Ken Palmer told the paper.

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