Opinion: Buena Vista casino will only bring more social problems

"There is ample evidence that the jobs produced by a casino do not outweigh the social costs casinos create. A recent article published in the Woodland Daily Democrat newspaper outlined the problems created by the Cache Creek Casino.

Problems such as assaults and weapons charges increased by 2,900 percent and felony burglary increased by 900 percent. All this while there was a doubling of the sheriff's deputies in the area funded by Cache Creek casino. Apparently, Yolo County has discovered that increased law enforcement might increase the apprehension rate but does little to prevent an increase in crime.

That article reported a 1,050 percent increase in DUI arrests, but traffic fatalities due to drunk drivers were not listed. We do know the highway patrol statistics have shown there was a 900 percent increase in traffic fatalities after the Thunder Valley casino was built.

Additionally, Yolo County has discovered that even though Cache Creek gave the sheriff's office millions, the district attorney and public defenders office were under-funded by $600,000. Under-funding of casino costs is to be expected when counties are required to negotiate under very short time limits and under one-sided rules. There are no time limits imposed on the casino proponents during negotiations, or at any other point in the process. For example, EPA took over two years to study and issue a wastewater permit for the proposed Buena Vista casino, but the public had just thirty-three days to file an appeal. EPA failed to provide the appeal office address in their appeal notice, making a timely appeal even more difficult."

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