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Editorial: Another off-reservation casino proposal bites the dust

"That didn't take long.

The Bridgeville casino planned by a Western New York Indian tribe apparently never had any chance of opening because the federal government would not approve the convoluted land swap to make it possible.

While this is disappointing to those who always believe that the next casino will be the one to revive the Catskills, its quick demise is really a blessing.

In the short time since plans were announced at the end of last year, it had proven even more divisive than any previous proposal. Other tribes were opposed to it. The people who operate racinos and racetracks in other parts of the state objected to what they saw as one more unwelcome addition to an already overcrowded field.

By stopping before it got started, this casino spared New Yorkers the all-too-familiar sequence of events that has wasted so much time and money for no ultimate payoff."

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