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WAMC: Off-reservation casinos still a dream for the Catskills

"For years, there's been talk of the establishment of Indian-run casinos in the Catskills. It's been an unachievable goal, even though a 2001 decision in Albany allowed for the development of up to three such casinos in the region.

Attempts to make that happen have failed. In November of last year, outgoing Governor David Paterson's administration thought they had the right deal in place, which would've allowed the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe from Wisconsin to build a casino in Sullivan County. The idea was that the casino development would be part of a land-settlement agreement, but in February, the Department of the Interior rejected the proposal.

Now, the Department has backed away from a standing rule, which blocks Indian tribes from building casinos at a long distance from their reservations. It's a decision that Town of Thompson Supervisor Anthony Cellini, a long-time advocate for the development of casinos in the region, is happy to see. Cellini says it's exciting for the town, the Catskills, and the Hudson Valley. He says the main concern is the desperate need of jobs, and adds that just one casino could mean thousands of jobs."

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Federal decision could make casinos a reality in Catskills, skepticism still reigns in drawn-out efforts to bring gaming to region (WAMC Northeast Public Radio 6/16)

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