Column: Chumash Tribe doesn't deserve liquor license at casino

"The recent 3-2 decision by the Board of Supervisors to allow expansion of alcohol sales at the Chumash Casino and Resort in Santa Ynez was stunning.

Remember, casino tribes do not pay taxes like other businesses. They also receive federal funding. That means you, the taxpayer, are subsidizing the casino tribes and their businesses in addition to being put at risk by the increased alcohol and drug accidents and death, crime and other negative impacts that come with thousands of daily gamblers.

Reading about this hearing was bad enough, but watching it and seeing Supervisors Lavagnino, Carbajal and Gray ignore the clear testimony by Sheriff Brown, Supervisor Farr and members of the community is mind-boggling. View their testimony for yourself on YouTube What is going on here?

Sheriff Brown spelled out that his department is short-funded. This is consistent with the June 18, 2011, article in the Santa Barbara Daily Sound: “Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown blasted the Board of Supervisors approval of sweeping cuts to his department, including slashing or pulling funds from 50 positions and axing the gang team.”"

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Kathy Cleary: REPRESENTING CASINO OR PUBLIC? (The Santa Ynez Valley Journal 7/14)

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