Opinion: Chumash Tribe could use new land for another casino

"About two weeks ago, a coalition of citizen groups did a red-alert email blast to update Santa Ynez Valley residents and neighbors regarding the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash casino tribe’s efforts to put their 1,400 acres into federal trust.

There was a tremendous response; this community is in absolute opposition to this process.

Here is the bottom line. Once land is transferred into “trust,” tribes can then build whatever they want, including casinos to conduct gambling without going through county or other approval processes, and without respect to what is next door. The zoning rules we all abide by don’t exist for tribal lands held in this trust; hence the issue.

This is important to us because the Santa Ynez Band Chumash casino tribe’s compact allows them two casinos. They could build a 30-story casino on the 1,400 acres even though they already have a casino here in the SY Valley. "

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Kathy Cleary: Expansion: Another casino on the 1,400 acres? (The Santa Ynez Valley Journal 7/28)

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