Opinion: Rincon Band negotiating a new 'treaty' for its casino

"The nation now has many states, counties, cities, reservations and casinos. For the most part, casinos are owned by Indians, which is what Native Americans used to be called.

Because the tribes have grown very rich, long since having traded arrow and bow for chip and die, they have status and prestige, in practice, beyond that of county supervisors, mayors and members of Congress.

Governors are in a different category. For they enjoy some face time with tribal leaders and even strive to work out "deals" that will be mutually beneficial to state and res. Both sides employ a long-lost art in American public life: civility.

The new California governor, Jerry Brown, is negotiating a new gambling arrangement with the Rincon tribe and it looks like a treaty, er, deal, will be made. That is important face time.

As a preliminary step, San Diego County and the Rincon Band in Valley Center ---- where the huge Valley Center Casino sprawls ---- have reached an agreement, approved Tuesday. The Rincon band has long wanted to expand its casino operations in Valley Center."

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