Letter: Greed drives Enterprise Rancheria casino opposition

"Native American tribes have been fighting for equality forever in the state of California. It's a long hard road but we keep working at it. There are many road blocks against the tribes from the feds and the state.

But when our own people are against us over the almighty dollar, our ancestors must be crying. When I read the Wintun Tribe in Colusa, the Cachill Dehe band of Wintun Indians who have their casino, was against the Enterprise Rancheria casino being built, I couldn't believe it. Instead of cheering for a Native American tribe making it and maybe helping their own people, they choose to align themselves up with the almighty dollar."

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William Speer Sr.: Hard to see tribes against Enterprise Rancheria (The Marysville/Yuba City Appeal-Democrat 2/20)

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