Editorial: Tribal gaming projects not good for South Carolina

"South Carolina’s love-hate relationship with gambling is heading for another round of…well…loving and hating, in the state legislature and elsewhere.

At issue are plans for Native American-sponsored casinos at two potential locales. Members of the Cherokee Nation are proposing to build a casino near Hardeeville on land not yet acquired, but if they are successful the track will become a “reservation” thanks to a loophole in federal Indian law.

A group of Catawba Indians are looking at building a casino in York County, on land the tribe already owns.

The first shovelful of dirt is years from being moved, but already some S.C. backs are bowed. Governor Nikki Haley has vowed to veto any enabling legislation for a casino, and religious and moral leaders are decrying the plans as an assault on traditional values.

And maybe it is."

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EDITORIAL: Casino talk more gambling hypocrisy for S.C. (The Florence Morning News 2/1)

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