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Opinion: A vision for a smoke-free casino by Karuk Tribe

"I have a vision of the new Karuk casino being called the “Mt. Shasta Casino” and the tribe breaking tradition of all other Indian Tribes that seem to promote heavy smoking. I see them promoting this one as the crown jewel smoke free casino located in beautiful Siskiyou County with clean, pristine mountain air. They promote crystal clear Crystal Geyser Roxane water, local hand-crafted award-winning beers from our local breweries, beef from Belcampo Meat Company and complimented with our high quality locally grown hand crafted wines.

I know the tribes make a lot of money from their cigarette sales. They would continue to sell the cigarettes but it would be a non-smoking casino. They will immediately see the wisdom of this as the non-smoking gamblers swarm to our area and fill our hotels and restaurants and stores. They will quickly realize they have under-built because the crowds will be so large. A huge hotel will be built, entertainment will be weekly: country music, rock stars, boxing, magicians and etc. and the restaurants will be fantastic."

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John Richter: Karuk casino: Is Yreka hot or what? (The Siskiyou Daily News 4/19)

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