Opinion: California deserves fair share from Internet gaming

"Most opponents to online gaming in California approach the debate as if it is a question of whether or not there will be online gaming in the state. But that question has long ago been asked and answered.

At a minimum, hundreds of thousands of Californians engage in online gaming. Many of those do so legally through advanced deposit wagering on horse racing.

Many others already engage in the very games we seek to make legal through Senate Bill 1463.

There are several reasons why I have worked for years to create a framework for legalized online gaming in California.

First of all, those players who engage in online gaming today have no legal protections, no expectation that government can come to their aid when they are not paid and in the amount due.

Secondly, and of no less importance, it is my responsibility to the people of this state to see that California collects its fair share of revenue on the millions of dollars that are wagered online."

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