Glenda Nelson: Enterprise Rancheria needs land for casino

"The Enterprise Rancheria now seeks partial recourse for those lost tribal reservation lands and resources by acquiring new "Indian trust lands" within its historical lands along the Feather River watershed near the City of Marysville (burial remains recently recovered along levees near Marysville were repatriated by the tribe who, for many years, has been recognized as the mostly likely descendents). The tribe is requesting an amount of land — 40 acres — exactly equal to its flooded reservation property.

The new lands would create an adequate land base from which to base a tribal-government gaming facility and conduct meaningful business development for the benefit of the tribe and neighboring communities — both of which have suffered in the recent economic downturn. The proposed casino resort project will provide invaluable long-term jobs, business opportunity, and community investment to our hard-hit region.

Other area tribes, including Auburn/Thunder Valley, Mooretown, and Paskenta, have similarly acquired new trust lands for the purpose of Indian gaming miles away from their modern reservation lands. Certainly Enterprise Rancheria and Yuba County now deserve the same access to opportunity and fairness as neighboring tribes and counties."

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Glenda Nelson and Mary Jane Griego: Enterprise Rancheria and California's water, prosperity (The Marysville/Yuba City Appeal-Democrat 4/8)

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