Sen. Feinstein blasts expansion of California tribal casinos

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) reiterated her opposition to the Enterprise Rancheria casino, accusing the tribe of reservation shopping.

The tribe lost its 40-acre reservation to the creation of Lake Oroville in the 1960s. The tribe has acquired a 40-acre replacement site that it plans to use for a casino.

Feinstein, however, criticized the tribe for seeking an "off-reservation" casino. "What's happened is these landless tribes have gotten land near urban areas, and they're trying to get casinos there," she said at a forum in Sacramento, The Marysville/Yuba City Appeal-Democrat reported.

"How many is enough?" she added, referring to the growth of Indian gaming in California.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has approved the casino but Gov. Jerry Brown (D) can veto it under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

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