Opinion: North Fork Rancheria takes high road on casino

"It's no secret that conflict sells newspapers and generates web clicks. And when an adversary brings the fight to your front door, it's hard to hold back.

That's why I have to give some credit to the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians, which is spearheading the controversial plan to build a casino along Highway 99 in Madera. The Chukchansi tribe has taken every opportunity to oppose the plan, in any venue possible, including in its support to other community organizations, as The Fresno Bee reported today.

Of course, the Chukchansi have their own problems, with the tribe seemingly being ripped apart over tribal disenrollments likely fueled by distribution of gaming profits. That boiled over into the Chukchansi riot in February."

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Gabriel Dillard: North Fork took high road on Chukchansi strife (The Fresno Business Journal 4/12)

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