Editorial: Internet poker bill another bad bet in California

"Some bad ideas just won't go away. Case in point: a revived law to allow online gambling in California. This time around, all the big players - casino tribes, cardrooms and racetracks- want to bring online poker and its devastating social impact to homes and smart phones across the state.

It's a wholesale expansion of gambling with a predicted audience of 2 million players. Backers claim the law would regulate what's already going on and could net cash-hungry Sacramento upwards of $100 million per year.

Sorry, we've heard this before. The state lottery was pitched as a way to save public schools back in 1984. Then tribal casinos said their measure in 2000 would give an economic lift to distant and deprived reservations."

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Editorial: Online gambling bill is just another bad bet (The San Francisco Chronicle 4/13)

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