Editorial: Lawmakers could block Graton Rancheria casino

"Hopes of avoiding the crushing impacts of an unwanted mega-casino in Rohnert Park may be fading, but are not yet completely dimmed. Thanks to action taken earlier this week by the Petaluma City Council, North Bay legislators will be asked to not ratify the gaming compact recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown with the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria.

Given all the money legislators rake in from casino gaming interests, it's a long shot on whether they will do the right thing for their constituents. However, the very clear desire by this community to avoid huge increases in traffic congestion on Highway 101, along with more crime, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and severe groundwater degradation, should compel legislators to take notice that Petalumans are not going to forget how they vote on this matter.

Current plans call for constructing one of the very largest casino complexes in the entire state, housing a whopping 3,000 slot machines, a 200 room hotel, and 5,500 parking spaces. The project is expected to draw gamblers from all over the Bay Area, along with criminal elements ranging from prostitution to drug dealing."

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Editorial: Legislature may be last hope to stop casino (The Petaluma Argus-Courier 4/22)

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