Daniel Tucker/Steve Stallings: Economic impact of tribal gaming

"Support for community is a core value of California’s native people. Although each tribal nation takes pride in its unique traditions, we all believe that we have a fundamental responsibility to all our neighbors.

Tribal government gaming is central to our relationship with the larger California community, as gaming enables Indian nations to contribute to the California economy and create good-paying jobs, even as the state struggles to emerge from the nationwide recession.

The California Nations Indian Gaming Association commissioned Beacon Economics to conduct a study measuring the impact of tribal government gaming on the state and local economies. The Beacon Economics study concludes that tribal government gaming is a powerful economic engine, generating $7.5 billion for the California economy.

The tribal gaming economic engine extends well beyond gaming operations themselves. The economic output figures represent dollars being spent at nontribal businesses throughout the state, including many local vendors hit particularly hard by the state’s larger economic challenges. "

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