Editorial: Tribes in California going on a casino shopping spree

"Since California voters approved Indian gambling over a decade ago, the business has exceeded all expectations and limitations. It's grown into a Vegas-sized industry that's enriched dirt-poor tribes and hired thousands more, but it's also proved hard to control as quarrels over money, scale and location flare anew.

The latest example is a headache choice for Gov. Jerry Brown. By the end of the month, he is due to decide whether two Sierra foothill tribes can build casinos miles from their backcountry reservations on prime spots near Central Valley freeways. Allowing the move, though, will anger two other tribes who operate busy slots-and-card table operations near the target spots. On the sidelines are still more tribes marooned in faraway spots watching to see which way the governor goes."

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Editorial: California tribes' casino shopping spree (The San Francisco Chronicle 8/20)

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