Santa Ysabel Band won't pursue appeal over casino bankruptcy

The Santa Ysabel Band of Mission Indians in California won't pursue an appeal in its casino bankruptcy case, a spokesperson said.

In September, Judge Peter W. Bowie ruled that the Santa Ysabel Casino isn't eligible for federal bankruptcy protection. The tribe now hopes to settle with its creditors -- more than $50 million is owed, according to court filings.

"We are hopeful it will lead us to what we've wanted all along: an amicable solution for all involved parties," spokesperson Chris Thomas told The North County Times.

The tribe's biggest creditor appears to be the Yavapai-Apache Nation of Arizona. The Yavapai-Apaches loaned the Santa Ysabel Band $7 million to build the casino and later acquired $26 million in debt on behalf of the Santa Ysabel Band.

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Casino seeks settlement with creditors after judge blocks bankruptcy (The North County Times 10/5)

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