Opinion: Support Enterprise Rancheria off-reservation casino

Mary Jane Griego and Dorothea Theodoratus support an off-reservation casino for the Enterprise Rancheria:
The Enterprise project is a worthy gambling project and deserves to be judged on the facts and individual merits.

It has already been approved at the state and federal level – only the sixth such tribe to qualify land for gambling under the rigorous process in the past 25 years.

The project will be a huge generator of jobs, private investments, vendor business and public funding in an area of historically high unemployment and poverty.

The project is supported by diverse groups of local political, business and civic leaders and organizations. The project will be built on "tribal trust lands" historically connected to the tribe.

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Mary Jane Griego and Dorothea Theodoratus: Tribe deserves Yuba County land for a casino (The Sacramento Bee 4/28)

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