Blog: California tribes release draft of Internet gaming bill

QuadJacks analyzes an Internet gaming proposal released by a group of California tribes:
A group of eight California Indian tribes has released a draft of a new bill to license and regulate online poker in California. The bill would qualify any existing licensed card room or tribal casino in California that has been in operation for at least five years prior for an online poker license. The eight tribes have invited other California tribes to provide their input “to continue to shape legislation that is pragmatic, achievable, and fair for tribes.”

Who Will License and Regulate the Sites?

The California Gambling Control Commission must issue regulations within 270 days of enactment of the bill. Tribal regulatory authorities may regulate their own sites using the same or more extensive regulations.

The Commission will take applications and license the sites subject to a finding of eligibility. Site licenses must be issued within 90 days of a completed application. The tribes are required to give a limited waiver of sovereignty to the state for the purposes of licensing and enforcement of online poker regulations.

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