Editorial: Seneca Nation compact dispute needs resolution

Newspaper calls on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and the Seneca Nation to grow up and resolve their Class III gaming compact dispute:
On the very day the Oneida deal was announced, Cuomo felt the need to twist the knife with the Senecas, saying he wasn't sure the state would renew its compact with the Senecas if their differences aren't worked out by 2016.

Barry Snyder, Seneca Nation president, responded with this statement, "Yesterday we all witnessed another symptom of the unfortunately strained relations the Seneca Nation of Indians has with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Yet again he has chosen a path of playground bully tactics rather than one of maturity, dignity and mutual respect. Apparently he fails to see the error of his way lauding job creation and stability throughout the state while at the same time threatening the economic security of thousands of hard working families in Western New York employed by the nation or its vendors."

The Senecas have proven themselves a willing partner in Chautauqua County, including a large planned development in the town of Hanover. They were willing partners in Cattaraugus County, too, until their disagreement with the state ended up biting the county, the city of Salamanca and the Salamanca school district. Area residents who aren't part of this dispute are caught in the crossfire.

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Editorial: Seneca Nation Should Take Note Of Agreements (The Jamestown Post-Journal 5/22)

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