Opinion: Tribes spreading fear about non-Indian card clubs

Owners of a non-Indian card club says gaming tribes in northern California are misleading voters:
Every day, giant exhaust-spewing buses roll into San Jose neighborhoods, pick up San Jose residents -- most of them elderly and on fixed incomes -- and ferry them hours to the north and east to gamble the day away at tribal casinos.

The city of San Jose and its residents don't collect a penny from those buses and their tribal casino masters. San Jose also has no say in how, when and where those buses operate.

But that hasn't stopped tribal casinos and their lobbyists from trying to tell San Jose how it should regulate its own gaming institutions, Casino M8trix and Bay 101.

Operating under the guise of an organization called Consumer Alliance for a Strong Economy, the tribal interests are making automated calls to residents, sending misleading mailers and crafting propaganda to spread fear among citizens.

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Eric Swallow, Peter Lunardi and Jeanine Lunardi: Casino M8trix: Police department shouldn't regulate San Jose's gaming operations -- City Hall should (The San Jose Mercury News 6/13)

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