Editorial: Let Enterprise Rancheria enter the gaming business

Newspaper questions why gaming tribes are opposing an off-reservation casino for the Enterprise Rancheria in California:
One hurdle to be cleared is the Legislature's approval of Gov. Jerry Brown's tribal compact for the land and project. Federal officials last month placed the 40-acre parcel into trust. From there, real development work could begin … except for resolution of lawsuits filed by the tribe behind Thunder Valley Casino near Lincoln and some individuals and groups opposed to expansion of Indian gaming. Some of the concerns expressed include the idea that there's only so much gambling business to go around and the more casinos in a region, the harder it is for all casinos to operate.

We can certainly see why that would be a concern. But why should casino operators have protections other businesses don't? They shouldn't. Prohibition of business to decrease competition and shore up vitality of already-existing businesses is unfair to consumers. If businesses can't compete, they either adapt or fail.

Other casinos should adopt new business plans to cut costs or entice business away from other parts of the market. But they shouldn't be protected.

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Federal Register Notice:
Land Acquisitions; Enterprise Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California (December 3, 2012)

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