Robert Edwards: No casino dreams for Enterprise Rancheria

Robert Edwards, the former vice chairman of the Enterprise Rancheria in California before he was disenrolled, on the tribe's off-reservation casino:
Enterprise Rancheria may have had big dreams a decade ago,where their casino project was concerned, but I recall more vividly that at that same time they were disenrolling 72 of their own tribal members. Enterprise's dream turned into a nightmare for 72 members who signed a valid petition to recall the majority of their tribal council over difficulties with the handling of the tribe's Human Services Fund for the needy. I was the Vice Chairman of Enterprise Rancheria at that time.

I signed the recall petition and was subsequently disenrolled as well. The problems within the tribe are very real. Those of us disenrolled experienced a repeated violation of our civil rights during the disenrollment process. Unfortunately, you've got many of the same individuals involved in tribal government and still running the Enterprise Rancheriatribe today.

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Robert Edwards: No sympathy for Enterprise Rancheria (The Marysville/Yuba City Appeal-Democrat 6/25)

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Land Acquisitions; Enterprise Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California (December 3, 2012)

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