Column: Graton Rancheria casino still the number one concern

Columnist says the $800 million Graton Resort and Casino being built by the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria is still the number one local issue:
Functionaries in city hall thrive on getting citizen input. They don’t get much from personal visits because city hall isn’t exactly a pleasant place to just visit and chat with someone. But in this Digital Age, nearly everyone has a phone and a computer.

Nobody has any idea how many will call or how many will connect via Internet.

My own contacts with people who stop and ask me questions show me the casino is still the number one topic of local citizenry. Whether these concerns will be transferred to the phone or RP City website is an open question.

For all we know, it may be merely shunted aside. But we doubt it once residents get a taste of the extra traffic from casino gamblers clogging nearby roads.

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Jud Snyder: Coffeegrounds: Got concerns about casino? Call city hall (The Rohnert Park Community Voice 8/9)

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