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Editorial: Move slowly on Lower Brule Sioux Tribe's casino bid

Newspaper says more answers are needed about off-reservation casino proposed by the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of South Dakota:
The town of Oacoma is not yet ready to give its support to a proposed American Indian casino that would be built on the town's doorstep.

Monday night, the board concluded it isn't ready to support the project, since board members feel the tribe has not yet presented all of the necessary information. For instance, how much will the project affect the town's water system? How will the rest of the town's infrastructure be affected?

The tribe is apparently gathering that information through an environmental assessment.

The town board's members have declined to jump on board, and for now, we don't blame them.

We do appreciate that these talks seem to be cordial. And it appears members from both sides -- the town board and the tribe -- continue to be interested in open and honest discussions.

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