Press Release: CTBA marks 25th anniversary of IGRA

The California Tribal Business Alliance marks the 25th anniversary of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act:
When the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) was signed into law on Oct. 17, 1988, many tribal leaders strongly opposed the federal policy as an infringement on the sovereignty of Indian Country to operate casino-style gaming facilities on tribal lands.

In retrospect, however, IGRA, while limiting, has proven to be one of the most progressive economic tools for many tribes, particularly in California, forever changing the face of gaming in this country and making IGRA's 25th anniversary one worth recognizing.

"It's the one federal Indian policy—amidst a host of failed policies that the federal government has tried to implement over the years—that has truly helped promote and strengthen economic development and self-determination among tribal governments," said Robert Smith, Chairman of the California Tribal Business Alliance (CTBA). "While the policy has its limitations, IGRA allows America to live up to its promise to American Indians and fulfills the visions of Presidents Obama and Reagan, respectively, to 'honor treaties and recognize tribes' inherent sovereignty and right to self-government under U.S. law' and to restore tribal governments to their rightful place among the governments of this nation and to enable tribal governments, along with state and local governments to resume control over their affairs."

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Press Release: 25th Anniversary: Native Americans Recognize 25 Years Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (California Tribal Business Alliance 10/17)

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