Column: Paying another visit to San Manuel Band's casino

Travel columnist checks out the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, owned by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians in California:
The first time I visited San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino I went along on my own and just had a general look around. I found it an interesting place, not the least because it is so near to the center of things in San Bernardino — just off the 210 Freeway.

This latest time I visited, however, I was fortunate to be accompanied by Jonathan Yost, the public relations supervisor, and he was able to fill in a lot of the details in that I had missed that first time several years ago.

“There has been a casino here for 27 years,” he told me. “But this building was opened in 2007.”

It still looks pretty modern and one of the first things I noticed that had changed from the last time was the almost total absence of cigarette smoke.

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Trevor Summons: Checking out San Manuel Indian Casino (The San Bernardino Sun 1/6)

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