Victor Rocha: Opportunities for Indian gaming at ICE summit

Victor Rocha, the the owner of, explains why he's attending the ICE Totally Gaming meeting next week in London:
When I came into the industry in 1998, Indian gaming was the new kid in town causing all the excitement. Everybody knew it was going to be big, but nobody really knew how big. Now online gaming is the new kid, but the difference is: Online gaming isn’t an unknown. There is no mystery with online gaming. It’s been operational in Europe for many years: regulated, taxed, and successful.

Next week, everything you wanted to know about online gaming [but were afraid to ask] will be revealed in London at ICE Totally Gaming at the ExCel on February 4-6,2014.

This year, the wonderful people at ICE Totally Gaming, along with Clarion Gaming’s Ewa Bakun, have been kind enough to let me co-produce a series of free seminars called Opportunities in Indian Country. The idea is to educate the European gaming industry about the ... wait for it … opportunities in Indiancountry.

I felt it was important to we take our message of opportunity to London because online gaming isn’t just going to be big in California, it’s going be damn big. Everyone who participates in this lucrative market is likely to benefit.

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