Blog: California closer to Internet gaming with support of tribes

After years of debate, California's politically connected tribes are finally on board with legislation to authorize Internet poker games:
For many years, industry analysts pointed to California as being the gateway state for online poker to become legalized. After all, if the most populous state could pull it off, many believe that would lead to a domino effect for other states to get on board.

But California’s Native American tribes who operate a monopoly for casinos have long opposed legalizing online gaming and online poker. Now, in a reversal of that long-held stance, the seven most influential tribes’ leaders have testified that they are ready to make it happen, assuming certain stipulations be met.

The key condition that the tribes testified as needing for their full support was that only their casinos be licensed to operate online poker rooms. Many other entities would want to do the same, but California’s Native American population currently has a monopoly, as voted by California citizens. By allowing only current gaming tribes to operate poker sites in California, the state could be in the fast lane towards legislation.

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California Native American Tribes On Board With Online Poker (Cards Chat 5/12)

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