CPR: California tribes closer to a deal on Internet poker games

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians and the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians reportedly reached an agreement regarding Internet poker legislation:
Indian tribes, casinos and online poker sites have battled for years over whether – and how – to legalize, regulate and tax internet gaming in California. Now, some tribes appear to have reached a deal that could finally move legislation forward.

The progress between the powerful Pechanga and San Manuel Indian tribes comes after seven years of squabbles and false starts.

“We differed on business models and how eligible entities might be able to participate, and I think we’ve been able to work through some of those thoughts and ideas,” says San Manuel’s Jacob Coin.

“We don’t have unlimited gaming throughout the state of California, so why should it be unlimited over the internet?” says Pechanga's Jacob Mejia. “There’ve gotta be some sensible, rational limitations in place there as well. So they’ve now had those discussions and have come to some agreements on that.”

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Online Poker Legislation Poised To Break Through? (Capital Public Radio 6/2)

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