Editorial: Tule River Tribe supports community with casino funds

The Eagle Mountain Casino in Porterville, California. Photo from Tule River Tribe

California newspaper says gaming funds from the Tule River Tribe benefit the entire area:
Last month the Tulare County Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee awarded more than $400,000 to several local projects thanks to the Eagle Mountain Casino.

The money is derived from revenues at the casino based on a formula. The idea is the money is to offset impacts the casino may have on the county and other governmental bodies. Money has been used for scores of different projects, but the tribe and then the committee must sign off on how the money is divided.

It has not always been a smooth process, but the bottom line is the tribe continues to do good things with the money that is generated at Eagle Mountain Casino. The entire area benefits.

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Editorial: Tribe continues to support the community (The Porterville Recorder 7/8)

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