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Opinion: Time to reject Menominee Nation off-reservation casino

Artist's rendering of the proposed Menominee Nation off-reservation casino. Image from Casino Kenosha

What's taking Gov. Scott Walker (R) so long to make a decision on the Menominee Nation off-reservation casino proposal?
Why is Gov. Scott Walker having such trouble saying no?

His administration has hemmed and hawed and delayed and dragged its feet and argued that it needs more time and even more time before decising on whether to grant the Menominee tribe permission to open a casino in Kenosha.

The election is over – but politics wasn’t the issue, the governor’s people have said. The issue is careful study and enough time to gather all the relevant information. Seems to me that he’s had plenty of time to do that.

And now there’s this: An attorney advising Walker on the issue says in a letter that the governor probably doesn’t have the authority to compensate the Potawatomi tribe for any financial losses it would suffer at its Milwaukee casino as a result of the Kenosha casino opening.

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Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Gov. Scott Walker should stop studying, and reject Kenosha casino (The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 12/4)

Bureau of Indian Affairs Documents:
Press Release | Fact Sheet: Menominee Nation Decision | Section 20 Determination: Menominee Nation Off-Reservation Casino

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