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Editorial: Say yes to Menominee Nation off-reservation casino

Artist's rendering of the proposed Menominee Nation off-reservation casino. Image from Casino Kenosha

Newspaper urges Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) to approve the Menominee Nation off-reservation casino proposal:
The latest twist is an agreement that the state would guarantee that the Menominee would make good any Potawatomi losses resulting from a Kenosha casino. That agreement has been sent to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which must approve it as an amendment to the compact between the Potawatomi and the state.

This agreement presents new complications. First of all, the BIA might reject it, which would probably mean another round of negotiations, and the Feb. 19, 2015, deadline for approval is looming. The BIA decision might not come until early January.

Secondly, the agreement appears to commit the state to potential future payments, which may require legislative action. Even if the BIA approves this agreement, the Legislature might balk.

The governor made clear in a letter to the BIA that he has not made a decision yet on the Kenosha casino.

But it seems clear that he should say yes. The Menominee have partnered with Hard Rock on a proposal that is likely to be a major tourist draw for Wisconsin. There are more than 3,000 jobs involved in addition to the construction jobs. It’s hard to imagine a consultant seeing this project as having an overall negative impact for the state.

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