Editorial: Don't believe hype on bill to expand gaming in Florida

The Seminole Tribe is running an ad touting the impacts of its gaming enterprise in Florida. Image from Made in Florida / The Victory Group / Vimeo

Florida newspaper calls on the state to extend a Class III gaming compact with the Seminole Tribe rather than expand non-Indian options:
Don’t believe the spin that a massive Florida House gambling bill represents a “contraction” in gaming.

Hillsborough Rep. Dana Young’s proposal would ignite an explosion of gambling, forever changing and tarnishing Florida.

It would put a state with a family-friendly brand that appeals to tourists and business alike on the path to becoming another Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

It is preposterous to call sweeping 300-page legislation that would, among other things, allow two massive destination resort casinos in South Florida, allow the spread of slot machines and cut taxes on parimutuel slots an effort to control gambling.

The better course, given the circumstances, is to renew the state compact with the Seminoles, which brings the state about $230 million a year, but not allow any additional gaming.

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