Editorial: Enterprise Rancheria makes big change to casino bid

The Enterprise Rancheria plans to build a gaming facility at this site along Forty Mile Road south of Yuba City. Image from Google Maps

California awaits next development as the Enterprise Rancheria pursues plans for a permanent Class II gaming facility on land already in trust:
We don't know if there are thoughts of getting this project done and eventually moving up to Class III gambling (slots, blackjack, craps, roulette, etc.). Some might worry about that. And, frankly, we're not crazy about gambling — and while "bingo" makes people think of some sort of parlor game (how risky could that be?), people still can lose a lot.

But the land is in trust; the law is the law; and irresponsible people shouldn't preclude responsible people from playing games.

At issue now is whether the tribe should have to immediately make payments to the city of Marysville, and when construction starts to Yuba County. Agreements were made 13 years ago to make payments in exchange for support of the original project. They called for one-time payments to Yuba County of nearly $700,000 and to Marysville of $100,000.

Enterprise Rancheria spokesman John Maier said in a story the tribe "remains committed to its agreements with Yuba County and Marysville."

So … what next?

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Editorial: No betting, yet, but lots of conjecture about new casino (The Marysville/Yuba City Appeal-Democrat 9/13)

Bureau of Indian Affairs Documents:
Press Release | Fact Sheet | Two-Part Determination Letter

Federal Register Notice:
Land Acquisitions; Enterprise Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California (December 3, 2012)

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