Column: Casino industry pours millions into Texas campaigns

The WinStar World Casino and Resort, is located in Thackerville, Oklahoma, just a few miles from the Texas border. Photo from Facebook

Politicians in Texas are accepting millions of dollars from tribes and gaming interests but they won't allow citizens to vote on an expansion of gaming, columnist Horace McQueen observes:
When Texas politicians are questioned about legalizing casino gambling in Texas, hypocrisy rules. Most of our elected leaders, from the governor on down to lieutenant governor, and other statewide office holders, bank casino dollars for their campaigns.

It’s interesting to note a large number of East Texas state senators and state representatives who grab hold of casino dollars. In the last election cycle, millions of casino dollars made their way to the accounts of our Texas politicians.

Why would gambling houses in neighboring states contribute to Texas politicians? Simple answer: it’s a “bribe” to keep our “leaders” from giving Texans a vote on legalized gambling. When an elected politician who banks casino dollars is asked about a vote to legalize gambling in Texas, the answer is usually vague. Some claim they are against gambling coming to Texas for religious or other reasons, but if so, why do they take those “sinful” casino dollars.

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Horace McQueen: Casino owners working their magic with politicians (The Palestine Herald 9/15)

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