Randy Noka: Racism at play with anti-tribal votes in Rhode Island

Randy R. Noka serves as a council member for the Narragansett Tribe of Rhode Island. Photo by peppergrasss The Narragansett Tribe has repeatedly been denied the opportunity to pursue gaming on its own territory in Rhode Island. So why are non-Indian interests asking voters to approve yet another casino? Randy Noka, a tribal council member, has some ideas:
Since 2006, non-natives have brought two casino referendums. Many of those who opposed the tribe now avow that casinos would enhance Rhode Island’s economic future and provide a few hundred jobs.

Why the double standard? If the 2006 casino proposal had come from a non-native, would it have still been opposed? Has the need for money blinded virtue and values, or is there something more sinister? I speak of prejudice, I speak of racism.

Prejudice can be obvious or subtle, perhaps hidden under the pretense of being in the “public’s best interest,” but it is still prejudice. Consider that when you vote on Tuesday.

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